Tuesday, July 21, 2015

S6 E9: Second Chunce

Score: 3 / 3
~2:54 in the court room, Leslie is showing Ingrid her new seat on city council.

Leslie: Oh my god, what is your life?
Ingrid: If it makes any difference, your work here was a real inspiration to me and I am going to do my best to continue your legacy.
Leslie: Well, I appreciate the sentiment.
[Leslie stares wistfully at her name placard.]
Ingrid: Leslie?
Leslie: Hm? I'm sorry, was I singing "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" out loud?
Ingrid: No, but would you like to? I studied opera at the Sorbonne, I would be happy to harmonize.
[They attempt, then give up and part.]

- Jennifer Barclay returns to consult Leslie about her next move; in another scene she tells her to set her sights higher.

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