Tuesday, September 15, 2015

S7 E12: One Last Ride

Score: 2 / 3

~30:40 at Joe Biden's party.

Leslie: Anyway, yes, the point is - I do like working at interior; I love it! But I'm always looking for new challenges. Why do you ask?
Janet (from the DNC): There's a rumor that the governor of Indiana isn't going to run again, and my friends at the DNC are very interested in you as a candidate.
Leslie: For governor of Indiana!? Somebody's been reading my Kindergarten dream journal!
Janet: What do you think? I'll call you next week so we can talk about it...?

- April talks to Leslie about having children, but this exchange involves Andy and Ben too much to count.
- Leslie proposes "Still swinging! Parks gang reunites for one last bang!" as an article title, but this conversation doesn't go long enough.
- Ann advises Leslie about dying her hair.
- April inquires if Ann is the biological mother of her children.

[For an episode as long as this, I thought it would obliterate the Bechdel test but really it just squeaks through.]

S7 E11: Two Funerals

Score: 0 / 3

- April spends the episode with Ben and Jerry looking for a mayor. She interacts with Mona Lisa and Joan, but not for long enough.
- Donna spends the episode with Andy, consoling Ron.
- Leslie spends the episode with Tom, helping him propose to Lucy.

S7 E10: The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show

Score: 0 / 3

This entire episode is driven by Andy and is comprised almost entirely of interactions between him and other characters, both in and out of their own show-within-a-show characters.

S7 E9: Pie-Mary

Score: 3 / 3
~0:15 in Leslie & Ben's house. Jennifer Barclay has come by in a poncho.

Jennifer: Leslie, you ready?
Leslie: Me, Leslie?
Jennifer: Yeah.
Leslie: I was an actual candidate, so I feel like I can handle being a candidate's wife. I know all the issues inside and out!

[They go on, talking about the role of a wife in an election.]

- Elise Yarktin from the Indiana Organization of Women confronts Leslie about her decision to join the Pie-Mary.
- Joan Callamezzo has Sasha Dunkirk, Marsha Langman, Brandi Maxxxx and Elise Yarktin on Pawnee Today; Marshall Langman and Kipp Bunthart also participate, but the conversation is mostly among the women and regards Leslie Knope, the Pie-Mary and feminism.

S7 E8: Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes To Washington

Score: 3 / 3

0:00 on the third floor of City Hall.

Leslie: Okay, so the central question that these senators are gonna be asking is "Why should we invest in the National Parks Service?" April!
April: Well, it is simple Leslie. In today's fast-paced society, national parks are still the best place for a full-moon werewolf transformation.
Leslie: I know you're kidding, but I also know you're prepared. We are gonna do great! How psyched are you for this trip? April! Are you super-psyched!?
April: Yeah... also you have lipstick on your teeth.

- Leslie asks April about her future during "unstructured chat time" at the airport; they talk about Washington, DC; Leslie apologizes to April; Leslie introduces April to Alyssa from the career center; they recap from April's conversation with Alyssa.
- Leslie and April have meetings with Senator Barbara Boxer and Kirsten Gillibrand.
- Leslie get lunch with Madeleine Albright and they discuss Leslie's habits as a friend.

Monday, September 14, 2015

S7 E7: Donna and Joe

Score: 3 / 3

~0:45 in the church.

Donna: April, walk with me. So, I chose you as my bridesmaid because you've become one of my best friends and I love you like a sister.
April: Ew.
Donna: ____ because you're tough. My family arrives tonight-
April: I know. And they're all set with their welcome bags [and I told your brother LeVondrious he is not welcome.

[They go on, and though April did refer to LeVondrious, this conversation is about preparing for the Meagle family.]

- Donna describes each of her bridesmaids.
- Donna thanks April for keeping the wedding calm.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

S7 E6: Save JJ's

Score: 1 / 3

~10:59 in Beverly Hills.

[Donna and Tom are lounging at a pool.]

Trish: So for a basic elbow-bedazzling, it's $140, custom art starts at $250.
Donna: I would like three big-ass diamonds, surrounded by their own set of tiny-ass diamonds.
Trish: That would fall under our "supreme selection". $600.
[Donna: Thomas, what do you suggest?
Tom: Uhhhh... treat yo' self.]
Donna: Trish, the gentleman is right. I'm gon' go ahead and treat myself.

S7 E5: GryzzlBox

Score: 2 / 3

~2:37 at City Hall, 3rd floor.

Donna: Knope, I need to talk to you.
Leslie: What's up?
Donna: I know I technically work for Gryzzl, but these fools have crossed a line. Have you gotten one of these GryzzlBoxes?
Leslie: Well, yeah, but I haven't opened it yet. I was going to send it back after I wrote a sternly-worded letter about how I cannot be bought with free gifts.

[This goes on as they search through their boxes.]

- April meets Jen, the new intern, and they talk about Jen's motives in taking the Parks and Recreation internship; later, April discourages Jen from sticking with it.

S7 E4: Leslie and Ron

Score: 0 / 3

- Leslie spends the entire episode with Ron.
- April and Donna barely speak throughout the episode.

S7 E3: William Henry Harrison

Score: 0 / 3

- Leslie spends the episode with Bill from the Pawnee Historical Society; granted, April is there, but they don't speak to each other.
- Donna spends the episode with Ron; granted, they meet Annabel, but they don't speak to each other long enough.