Saturday, July 18, 2015

S6 E1: London: Parts 1 & 2

Score: like 5 out of 3

~7:38 in Leslie's office.

April: I have something. Remember phase 13: "Think outside of the box"?
Leslie: Of course! It was an amazing phase.
[Ben: Easily a top 5 phase.]
April: Well I thought outside of the box and I nominated you for this big award; it's called the "International Coalition of Women in Government", and you won.
[She hands over the paper work.]
April: There's, like, five winners and you get a big trophy or something.
[Chris: Oh my God, this is real! I just assumed you were lying.]
April: [Thank you.] But yeah, it's real. Anne Richards won it once. And Janet Napolitano, I think.
Leslie: Janet Napoli-frikkin-tano!? Oh my God. This is amazing and perfect! This is exactly the kind of big splashy thing that's gonna get the voters' attention! When is the ceremony?

[They go on. I'm content to ignore Ben and Chris' interjections because they don't de-rail the fact that this conversation is between April and Leslie about the award.]

- Leslie asks for April's help with her speech; then about Kathryn Pinewood's campaign to recall her.
- Ulee (the Danish recipient of the award, played by Heidi Klum) talks about how much her hometown loves her.
- April asks Khongordzol (the Mongolian recipient of the award) to take her home.
- Donna guesses that Ann is pregnant.
- Ann tells Leslie she's pregnant - Leslie mentions about her jetlag.
- Leslie and April report to Gretel that her slugs are gone.
- April thanks Leslie for her hard work and reads the nomination letter to her.

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