Thursday, July 9, 2015

S5 E9: Ron and Diane

Score: 2 / 3

~8:45 @ Jerry's house.

Ann: Well, well, well. You want to come into Jerry's party - and why's that?
April: I need a place to deliver this baby, Ann! It's coming out of me right now, I'm pregnant!
[April breathes frantically.]
Ann: This is a lovely party thrown by a lovely man and his lovely family. There's no place for meanies!
April: Oh, forget it, I'm coming in.

[This continues with April failing to shove past Ann.]

- Leslie asks Diane what house she would be sorted into at Hogwarts, but the exchange doesn't go long enough.
- Leslie tells Tammy 2 to leave - the conversation immediately turns to Ron.
- Leslie and Tammy 2 fight over the keys in the dumpster - plenty of exchanges there.

* I give this episode a 2 because the conversation I transposed is about a party but ultimately about how April et al treat Jerry, because Leslie and Tammy 2's interactions boil down to being about Ron, and because Leslie and Diane's conversation is too brief. Every woman here is motivated by her complicated or misunderstood feelings towards men.

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