Sunday, July 19, 2015

S6 E5: Filibuster

Score: 2 / 3

~20:29 in the hallway outside the court room; Ben has just told Leslie that Ingrid earned the nomination to run against Leslie in the recall.

Leslie: Wow. Buzzkill.
Ingrid: I know you must hate me right now, Leslie - and that's justified - but I need to thank you for what you just did in there. Not the forceful urination, but the filibuster.
Leslie: Right, yeah.
Ingrid: It was incredibly courageous and it was selfless, and if I do win, I'm gonna have very big roller skates to fill. Can I take you out for a celebratory plate of - you call them "whaffles"?

[This goes on, briefly.]

This episode only passes in the eleventh hour because:
- Leslie spends the majority of the episode with Ben and then Jamm.
- Donna spends the episode with Ron.
- Ann and Nadia spend the episode with Tom and only talk to each other about him.
- April spends the episode with Andy.

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