Saturday, July 18, 2015

S6 E2: The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic

Score: 3 / 3

~0:52 at the titular Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic press conference between Leslie and Ingrid de Forest (her Pawnee counterpart).

Leslie: As always, we would like to make a friendly wager with Eagleton. If you beat us this year, we will give you a basket of apples, from our Pawnee orchard.
Ingrid: Pesticides! Yuck!
Leslie: Oh, no, these are pesticide free! I ate one of these for breakfast this morning and I found a worm in it, so-! I bet someone feels pretty stupid right now.
Ingrid: Well, Leslie, I think we had similar ideas. If you win, Eagleton will give you this basket of oranges! Of course, it's silly to compare apples and oranges, but... what the heck. These are made of Swarovksi crystal and they're worth $700,000.

More: [two plotlines consist largely of conversations between Ann/April and Leslie/Ingrid about Bloomington and Eagleton's financial crisis, respectively; I've broken them down here and separated them with my favorite punctuation mark, the semicolon ;)

- April bemoans several circumstances around Ann driving her to Bloomington School of Veterinary Medicine; Ann leaves April with a tour guide (named Laura); Ann is frustrated to see April ditching the tour; later Ann brings April back to Laura; Ann and April debate the merits of Bloomington; Ann scolds April for allegedly giving up and they discuss following one's gut.
- Leslie relentlessly mocks Ingrid for Eagleton's financial crisis; Leslie insults Ingrid's intelligence directly; Leslie ironically welcomes Ingrid to Pawnee.

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