Sunday, July 19, 2015

S6 E4: Gin It Up!

Score: 3 / 3
~0:45 in the conference room.

Leslie: We all know that I cannot spend as much money on ads as my opponent, but I printed out 10,000 "don't" stickers and 10,000 question-mark stickers - that way if you see a sign that says "Recall Knope", all you need to do is add the question-mark and the "don't" and suddenly it reads "Recall Knope? Don't!"
Donna: Why don't you just put the "Don't" before "Recall Knope?"
Leslie: Yep, that's a much better idea.
April: Can I have these question mark stickers?

[This goes on.]

- Nadia asks for a permit from April for what she jokes is a slip-and-slide competition.
- Leslie confronts Donna regarding a tweet accidentally posted on the Parks account; then confronts her about her personal account's content; then Donna apologizes, describing her motives in letting off steam and distinguishing #BitchBoss and #BossBitch.

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