Tuesday, July 21, 2015

S6 E12: Ann and Chris

Score: 3 / 3
~3:05 at Ann's going away at the Pawnee Super Suites hotel:

Leslie: Okay, don't mention anything about the groundbreaking to Ann. Repeat that back to me.
April: "Tell Ann about the groundbreaking, frame Ann for murder, release a deadly virus into the water supply."
Leslie: Good.
(Leslie sees Ann)
Oh! Bon voyage, Ann!
Ann: Oh my God, this is amazing!

[This goes on.]

- The episode begins with a flashback to the very first conversation with Ann and Leslie, which is also the first conversation on the series that passes the test (though it doesn't include enough dialogue to count).
- Leslie confesses her plan to break ground to Ann.
- Leslie and Ann approach Kathryn Pinewood about accessing the defunct soda.
- Ann and April say goodbye and say they love each other.
- Leslie and Ann talk about their plans to talk on the phone frequently, then they break ground; later Leslie sees Ann (and Chris) off.

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