Friday, July 10, 2015

S5 E11: Women in Garbage

Score: 3 / 3

The very top in the conference room:

Paula (former councilwoman): Pleasure to be here, ladies. I didn't think anybody really cared about my time on the city council.
Leslie: Oh, we do. You were such an inspiration! Still going strong at 82!
[Paula blows her nose]
April: How old is that handkerchief?
Paula: Well, it's not a handkerchief, it's a receipt.

[This goes on with Leslie, April, Ann and Donna hearing from Paula about her experiences.]

- Ann babysits Zoe and Ivy; they pretend to be doctors (for imaginary patients who are all female).
- Leslie asks Shauna to keep things off the record if she and April can't transport the refrigerator.
- Ann takes the scissors away from Zoe and Ivy.
- Leslie and April bemoan the challenge of moving the fridge (although this is somewhat about them trying to make an impression on the sewage department - which is all men).
- Ann apologizes to Diane for letting her daughters get ahold of her scissors.

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