Saturday, July 18, 2015

S5 E22: Are You Better Off?

Score: 3 / 3
~0:36 at (one of) Ron's cabins.

Leslie: Let's do an exercise. April - what makes Pawnee the best city in the world?
April: Easy! Most murders per capita, the guillotine was invented here, City Hall is run by the walrus mafia...
Leslie: Donna! Help me out. What makes Pawnee so great?
Donna: Cost of living is cheap. In about three years I will have saved enough to pay off my condo in Seattle.

- Leslie and Kathryn Pinewood (Pawnee Restaurant Association) spar about the soda tax at the "Are You Better Off?" public forum, then later the Sweetums school lunch program.
- Brandi Maxxx thanks Leslie for contributing to her career successes at the same forum.
- Shauna asks questions at Leslie's press conference.

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