Sunday, March 1, 2015

S2 E4: Practice Date

Score: 1* / 3

*So this one's tricky. The conversations Leslie and Ann have (including their role plays), while great fun, all concern Leslie's date with Dave. It is a male driven conversation, so Lauren feels it shouldn't pass. I think it's at least worth a 1 with an asterisk for reasons like this:

Leslie: The Danish call it op og ned maskine which, literally translated, means “the up and down machine”.
Ann: Wow, that’s a thorough history of the teeter-totter…
Leslie: Now I’m going to talk about the local flora and fauna found in Pawnee.
Ann: You know what? Just ask me a question. Just try to get to know me.

Leslie asks Ann to help her dress and prepare for her date with Dave – most of these conversations are more about potential conversation topics than about Dave himself. Still, I’m not counting it.
Ann and Leslie talk about many other topics that are not men while role playing.

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