Wednesday, March 18, 2015

S2 E21: 94 Meetings

Score: 2 / 3

~8m35s in @ Newport Mansion

Leslie: You painted this...?
Jessica: Uh-huh. Miami Teal is Nicky's favorite color. We also replaced some of the sconces, got rid of the furniture, painted these floors black.
Leslie: These were the original hardwood floors.
Jessica: Yeah! They were all scratched up. I did you a favor. Come on in here, I'll show you guys what we did in the sitting room.

Leslie and Jessica Wicks speak a few other times at the Newport mansion, though Tom interjects a few time.
Leslie tries to get Shauna to do an article about the Newport gazebo.

Oh, and...! :
Bill Hagerty from the Pawnee Historical Society appears in this episode. You may remember him more recently from season 7's "William Henry Harrison" episode. You've got to admire P&R's commitment to consistency!

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