Sunday, March 15, 2015

S2 E18: The Possum

Score: 2 / 3

1m10s in at Ann's house

Ann: All right, that's basically it. Water the plants, get the mail.
April: Can I read your mail?
Ann: No, please don't.
April: Fine.
Ann: Oh, and here are the keys, and remember-
April: I know. Don't let Tom make a copy.
Ann: That's right, good.

Evelyn from the mayor's office asks Leslie to develop a task force to capture Fairway Frank, the possum that bit Rufus, Mayor Gunderson's dog.
Evelyn thanks Leslie for capturing the possum and gives her a business card.
Leslie asks April if killing the possum makes her a murderer, then coordinates with her to hide it.
Evelyn asks Leslie where the possum is.
Leslie and April try to catch the possum in Ann's house.
Leslie confesses to Ann that she and April let a possum in her house.

Notably this is another case in which a supposedly male animal plays heavily - I'd argue that, in this case, since we can't know whether or not the possum Andy catches for the task force is actually Fairway Frank, it's abundantly clear that the sex of that possum is arbitrary. That said, the motivation behind capturing it comes from the fact that Fairway Frank bit Rufus, the (male) dog of the (male) mayor (who we'll later see played by Bill Murray!!). I give it a 2 / 3.

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