Friday, March 13, 2015

S2 E16: Galentine’s Day

Score: 1* / 3

The beginning of the episode introduces us to Galentine’s Day - but the only two-way dialogue is between Ann and Leslie:

Leslie: So to conclude our Galentine’s Day breakfast, it is time for the greatest story ever told.
Ann: What’s the story?
Leslie: It’s the most romantic story ever told. It makes The Notebook look like… Saw 5. Go Mom go!
Marlene: It was 1968, I was 18, and our family went on vacation to Bermuda. And on the first day I went for a swim in the ocean - and I got caught in a very strong current.
(Leslie gasps)
Ann: You’ve heard this story before, right?
Leslie: Yes, but the drama!

Marlene’s story is about Frank who saves her from drowning.
So… if you interpret this as Ann and Leslie are having a conversation that is simultaneous to Marlene’s story and if you construe that they are talking about a story and if you allow that talking about a story about a man is not the same as talking about a man then this exchange passes the Bechdel test. Admittedly it’s a stretch and the rest of the episode pairs off Leslie/Justin and April/her boyfriend(s); and April and Ann only talk about Andy to each other. We give the episode a 1*. Ironic and very much not in the spirit of Galentine’s Day!

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