Friday, March 20, 2015

S2 E23: The Master Plan

Score: 2 / 3

0m00s in @ the Parks Department. Leslie gives April a present for her birthday.

Leslie: Okay! Open this one! Here, I'll help you!
April: Cool... documents...!
Leslie: Yeahhh! This is your original intern application, your original parking pass, this is your original photo ID...
April: Did you get that out of my purse?
Leslie: Doesn't matter and this is a copy of your very first paycheck!

Leslie shows Ann the budget proposal, they talk again at the Snakehole Lounge about controlling its destiny.
Donna buys April a birthday shot.

This episode demonstrates the show's master plan in SO many ways. It's the episode that introduces Ben, Chris AND Lucy - and hints at their futures with Leslie, Ann and Tom respectively. WHOA.

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