Thursday, February 26, 2015

S2 E1: Pawnee Zoo

Score: 2* / 3
Marcia: You know what, I’m so terrible with directions – if I’m headed to the parking lot, do I make a left out of here? Or do I go right?
Leslie: A left, yeah
Marcia: Thank you.
Leslie: You’re welcome.
Marcia: Annul the wedding!
Joan interviews Leslie and Marcia about Leslie marrying Tux & Flipper, partying at The Bulge and the possible consequences.

* There's some question about whether or not debate about Tux & Flipper's wedding is more truly about two males or the prospect of gay marriage. Tux and Flipper are gay male penguins, so is this episode about two "men" then? No - they are penguins and, for our purposes, the gender of animals in question is irrelevant because they should be classified as "animal" (and adorable), not as "male" as far as the Bechdel question is concerned. If this were an animal-based series (The Penguins of Madagascar are a perfect example) then yes, the penguins' genders would be a factor. But in the human-driven universe of Parks & Recreation, we're strictly concerned with the objectives and values of humans. Now, yes, the gender of the penguins is inextricable from the plot point that Leslie, Marcia and Joan discuss, but its relevance raises questions regarding gay marriage in Pawnee, an issue that concerns gay men and women (and penguins, I guess). It is not a male-specific topic. Ruling: "Pawnee Zoo" passes with or without Marcia asking for directions.

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