Friday, February 20, 2015

S1 E2: Canvassing

Score 3 / 3

Marlene: In or out, Leslie. Doorway is creepy.
Leslie: Right, sorry, choosing in.
Marlene: So, what do you want, Leslie?
Leslie: Just here to gossip. Gab. Chat. Stuff we do. But it looks like your super busy. And I am super busy, so I shall bid you “adieu”.
(Leslie begins out)
Leslie: Oh! That’s weird – I just remembered something! I have my own subcommittee now!

[The conversation goes on...]

  • Leslie braces Ann for canvassing after she rings a doorbell
  • Leslie gives Ann an envelope that describes a new tactic when she’s losing heart during their canvassing
  • Leslie assigns April to sit in the audience and influence the crowd
  • One of the more unruly citizens introduces herself as Kate Spivak at the forum – she and Leslie disagree about the merits of a park several times.

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