Saturday, February 21, 2015

S1 E3: The Reporter

Score: 3 / 3

(Towards the beginning of the episode, in the P & R office)

Shauna: Hi, I’m looking for Leslie Knope?
April: Okay.
Leslie: My ears are ringing! Hi!
Shauna: Hi!
Leslie: I’m Leslie Knope.
Shauna: Hi.
Leslie: I’m the deputy director of Parks and Recreation.
Shauna: Shauna -
Leslie: -Mulwae Tweep. Yes, I am familiar with your work.
Shauna: Oh-!
Leslie: I’ve read everything you’ve ever written. You did an amazing in-depth article about the raccoon problem in Pawnee…

  • Leslie forces Shauna to take a tour of town hall
  • Leslie introduces Shauna to the subcommittee which includes Ann and April
  • Shauna interviews Leslie about the subcommittee at one point and about the pit at later
  • Leslie and Ann discuss the interview (though this ends up being about Mark and the nature of men)
  • Leslie tries to persuade Shauna to write a positive article

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