Tuesday, February 24, 2015

S1 E6: Rock Show // S1 Wrap

Score: 1* / 3
Leslie: So I would love to come to this thing! When is it!?
Ann: Tonight at 8.
Leslie: No, tonight? I can’t go.
Ann: Why not?
Leslie: My mom set up this meeting. This political tete-a-tete with a local bigwig.
[That’s actually it…!]

*Lauren and MJ debated a bit on this one given that the dialogue in question concerns Andy's concert. Technically since it's about an event and not about Andy and then men who comprise Scarecrowboat / Mouserat it passes, but it's a close call.

Season 1 Wrap

Lauren and I batted back and forth about whether or not we take issue with Ann's central motivation this season being filling in the pit because Andy got injured in it. One one hand it's not Bechdel-esque that it takes a Andy's safety and wellbeing to inspire her action. On the other, it's very telling that she continues to be invested in the success of the project well after she breaks up with Andy. Eventually, making a part of the pit (eventually lot) takes a back seat well before they "break ground" (Season 6: "Ann and Chris") - but that has more to do with Ann's evolving role with the Parks department, the shifting focus of the show, and arguably the fulfillment Ann gets from her friendship with Leslie. While Andy's injuries serve as Ann's initial call to action, it seems clear that she's interested in filling in the pit more out of principle.

Trends we notice include that the vast majority of the Bechdel-passing dialogue involves Leslie - I suspect we'll see that shift as Donna and April's roles become more active and the show becomes a truer ensemble piece.

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