Monday, February 23, 2015

S1 E5: The Banquet

Score: 3 / 3
Ann: How dressy is this exactly?
Leslie: To the max. It is the most exclusive local government event of the year.
Ann: Really.
Leslie: Yeah! The Tellensons is like the Oscars times the Grammys plus the Super Bowl.
Ann: Wow. Okay, um, I should probably change.
Leslie: I’m headed to the salon right now.
Marlene and Leslie discuss the potential for a Knope family dynasty
Ann and Leslie debate how appropriate dressed they are when they arrive at the banquet.
Marlene remarks on Leslie’s hair cut, mistakes Ann for her girlfriend, and braces her to meet Janine Restrepo
Leslie ambushes Janine, hoping to make an appointment to talk about zoning
Marlene helps Leslie strategize about accessing Janine Restrepo
Ann suggests to Leslie that Marlene’s advice is wrong

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