Monday, June 1, 2015

S4 E4: Pawnee Rangers

Score: 2 / 3

~4:20 in the Goddess cabin

Leslie: Ladieees! The Goddess cabin has never looked better! This year's cabin refurbishment badge is going to be hotly contested! Okay, so what did everybody make for their loosely-structured-craft-time?
Lauren: I made a "Gertrude stein"!
Leslie: Ha-ha amazing! Lauren, that's so good! I really wouldn't want to follow that! Ann?
Ann: Oh boy. Um... I was making some corn-husk dolls for everyone, but they kinda came out wrong so they sorta look like monsters... I'm sorry. I'm just gonna put that... over there... in the... fire...

[The conversation goes on. I had to double check, for my own gratification, to make sure that the "rules" allow that a conversation can be among 2 or more women - which is the case and is, I think, as it should be.]

- Leslie and the Goddesses talk about gender equality (though this is perhaps a conversation about - or at least inspired by - a boy wanting to join their group).
- There are several interactions between Leslie and the Goddesses within the public forum that are about principles of gender equality and related issues.

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