Tuesday, May 26, 2015

S4 E3: Born & Raised

Score: 3 / 3

~6:00 @ Pawnee Today studio

Joan: So Leslie, you're a real native of Pawnee, aren't you!
Leslie: Yes, I was born and raised here, Joan, and I love the town so much I literally wrote the book on it.
Joan: I have it right here. And also in this hand, right here, I have a sticker! Which, when applied, legally determines the newest selection of Joan's book club! Ooooooooh!

(Joan plays with the sticker and book, teasing Leslie that she might put it on.)

Joan: Over here? Back here? Where does it go?
Leslie: C'mon, stick it!

[They go on, eventually talking about the "factual inaccuracy".]

- Leslie tries to withdraw her birth certificate in Pawnee from a woman named Alexis.
- Leslie and Maureen (her mother) talk about her birthplace.
- Leslie goes back on Pawnee Today and confesses to Joan that she was born in Eagleton.

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