Sunday, June 14, 2015

S4 E19: Live Ammo

Score: 2 / 3

~13:50 at Leslie's home:

Leslie: We saved the animal shelter and the parks budget!
Ann: That's great news. Let me guess - you found room in other parts of the budget somewhere?
Leslie: Totally. Got rid of a bunch of lame-ass D1's from public works!
Ann: Awesome news. Hey, you know what else is pretty neat? Is thanks to you, Councilman Pillner went through the budget and decided that not just public works' but all D1's will be terminated in two weeks! I'm getting fired.

- Ann and Leslie rummage through Tom's apartment. I'd argue this sequence is more commenting about Tom than anything.
- Leslie shares her budget idea with Jennifer Barkley - though Ben participates in this, and a lot of the strategizing involves Bobby.

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