Wednesday, June 3, 2015

S4 E7: The Treaty

Score: 2 / 3

~1:10 in the Parks and Recreation office

April: And I'll be the moon!
Leslie: Nope. South Africa or... Pakistan.
April: I'm the moon or I quit.
Leslie: April.
April: Moon or quit, man.
Leslie: Fine. You be South Africa and you can also *secretly* run the moon.

- Leslie has several conversations with the [leader of the Model UN]* about the competition.

* HERE IS WHERE IT GETS TRICKY: In this episode, the actor Allison Gliffert is credited as "France" - in reference, of course, to the country she represents. In a future episode, Gliffert plays "Cassidy". Should it be said that she "has a name"? I vote no, but I still give the episode a 2 / 3 because of the above conversation with April, and because "France" is not a one-off character.

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