Friday, June 5, 2015

S4 E10: Citizen Knope

Score: 2 / 3

Ann: Could you maybe find new advisors?
Leslie: I can't, I talked to everyone in the entire state who's ever run a campaign and nobody wants a candidate who's polling at last-milkshake-sip levels.
Ann: Can I say something? This sucks, I am not going to convince you that it doesn't, and you could tell me every day for the next year about how much this sucks-
Leslie: One year. You said "one year", that's on the record.

[This conversation goes on for a long while, actually!]

- There's one bit in a scene with Leslie and her campaign advisors William and Elizabeth in which Leslie and Elizabeth technically have four exchanges, but only because the topic changes halfway through and because William and Elizabeth always take turns speaking.
- Leslie speaks with the women of PCP but very few of them have names.

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