Friday, May 22, 2015

S3 E15: The Bubble

Score: 1 / 3

0:00 in Ann's new office at City Hall, filled with balloons.

I'll give this a 1 because the conversation between Leslie and Ann is interrupted but otherwise would pass the test:

Leslie: Hey! Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever in her new part time job in the public health department at City Hall, it's Ann Meredith Perkins! Yay!
Ann: Aw, Leslie, this is so nice!
April: I put poisonous gas in one of these balloons, so if any of them pops, you may die.
Andy: No, April, we would all die. Gases fill the volume of whatever container they're in. School.
Leslie: We have activities every hour on the hour for your first day. 10AM, Ann's first day waffle explosion; 11AM, the start paperwork jamboree; and then 12 noon sharp is the inaugural D-Ann-ce party.
Tom: Welcome to City Hall, cupcake!
Ann: How many of you are in here?
Leslie: There's seven. And you have an office mate...

- The first scene where Leslie greets Ann on her first day of work almost passes but their conversation is interrupted by Andy, Tom and Ann's new office mate Stuart. Leslie and Ann don't get in four consecutive exchanges.
- Leslie brings Maureen coffee but they're interrupted by Ben before the fourth exchange.

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