Tuesday, May 19, 2015

S3 E9: Andy and April's Fancy Party

Score: 1 / 3

April: Hey.
Leslie: Don't worry, I'm not gonna say another word. This is your day.
April: I just wanted to say... that... I'm really glad you're here, I think you're awesome, and I love you.
Leslie: Aww...

[This passes IF you accept that "hey" and "aww..." count as lines of dialogue. I'm willing to pass it because, if you squint your eyes, some of the below conversations would pass.]

- In several scenes, Donna gives Ann advice about singles' night and her attitude. One could argue that these are conversations about men, or that they're about Ann's confidence.
- Leslie tries to persuade April not to get married so soon. One could (and probably should) argue that this is a conversation about Andy, or that it's about April's carelessness.

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