Thursday, May 21, 2015

S3 E12: Eagleton

Score: 3 / 3

~4:30 @ Parks and Recreation office

Lindsey (Parker Posey) walks in.

Leslie: Lindseeeey!
Lindsey: Leslie Knope!
Both: Hiii...!
Lindsey: Has it really been five years?
Leslie: It has! You look amazing!
Lindsey: Thank you, this place hasn't changed a bit! Still lovable but grimy.

[Their conversation goes on - Leslie introduces Lindsey to Ben and Ann.]

- Throughout the episode, Leslie and Lindsey discuss parks in Pawnee, their history, each others' looks, waffles and the new wiffle ball league.
- Ann picks Leslie up from the holding cell in Eagleton and they talk about Lindsey.

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