Tuesday, September 15, 2015

S7 E12: One Last Ride

Score: 2 / 3

~30:40 at Joe Biden's party.

Leslie: Anyway, yes, the point is - I do like working at interior; I love it! But I'm always looking for new challenges. Why do you ask?
Janet (from the DNC): There's a rumor that the governor of Indiana isn't going to run again, and my friends at the DNC are very interested in you as a candidate.
Leslie: For governor of Indiana!? Somebody's been reading my Kindergarten dream journal!
Janet: What do you think? I'll call you next week so we can talk about it...?

- April talks to Leslie about having children, but this exchange involves Andy and Ben too much to count.
- Leslie proposes "Still swinging! Parks gang reunites for one last bang!" as an article title, but this conversation doesn't go long enough.
- Ann advises Leslie about dying her hair.
- April inquires if Ann is the biological mother of her children.

[For an episode as long as this, I thought it would obliterate the Bechdel test but really it just squeaks through.]

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